Wednesday, 8 May 2013



10 days left.
Final exam for this semester.
May Allah ease everthing.
InsyaAllah, aminnn :)


"Sometimes, I feel very scared of getting close to anyone. Because those who said they will always be there for me,....left."


"Allah gave you a beautiful life, don't waste it being sad over something that will pass in time, He always got something amazing planned."


most of the things in life are double-aged swords
that could either make you, or accidentally wound you
it is you who determine on how to do the maximum cutting
and how to avoid from being cut

because the grip is in your hands
use it well
use it wise

In sum,
Live is short, live it.
Take risks in your life.
You are the one who will guide yourself.
Choose well.

In the end, everyone ends up alone .

*senyum lebar-lebar*

Keep Calm.
Keep Smiling.


You plan, I plan, We plan, They plan.. but Allah is the best planner.
so true.

Everything's gonna be alright.
because.. Allah knows what is in our heart :')
just, keep praying.

Good luck kepada sesiapa yang nak exam,
budak-budak a-level, IB, final semester, budak-budak maktab..
Tajdid niat, jihad fisabilillah.
May Allah bless. 
moga Allah sentiasa pegang hati-hati ini.
kembali kepada Allah.


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