Thursday, 1 September 2011

JS . (:

 Allah showed me that time waits for no one, it molds into no ones desire of life, and it doesn’t mind if you’re moving alongside it or not. The most powerful thing Allah has taught me is the art of deattachment. To be attached to my plans, to attach myself to the future I wish will exist, and to attach myself to anything other than Allah himself is harming of the self..

 I don’t know where I’ll be and whether I’ll live up to tomorrow, but I do know I want Allah. And I do know that I want you all to know that you are all beautiful people with amazing personalities that have molded me into the person I am. I pray the best for all of you; the most blissful future, powerful eeman, and soft purifying souls.
Never forget who Allah is.. Always be mindful of Allah’s mercy on you. And if you wish to perfect your character, look up to Ahlul Bayt..

I love you all. You are constantly in my duaas...

❤ Ginjal tanya Jantung "sayang di mana?" Jantung jawab tak tahu .. Jantung pun tanya Paru-paru .. ''sayang di mana?'' Paru-paru cakap tak tahu .. Paru-paru tanya hati .. ''sayang dimana?'' Hati pun jawab ''sayang ada disini .. Ginjal, Jantung dan Paru-paru hairan .. kenapa sayang ada di Hati?? Hati jawab ''Hati dipilih oleh Allah untuk memiliki sayang .. kerana sayang , Hati rela menangis , Hati rela dilukai .. Dan kerana sayang juga , Hati rela berkorban ❤

may GOD bless

mood " assignment " ~
fighting ! hee (:

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